Chat and earn LTC

NO Shoortener, Or no wait for faucets. Just Doing Chat, Enjoy and win LTC

Rules :

  • You can’t chat about Cryptocoin the chat rooms.
  • Any site link is prohibited.
  • You cannot talk about politics and religion.
    The language of the site is Turkish. But you can speak english globally. Other Languages ​​Not Supported and you may be Penalized to be silenced.
  • Definitely the reason for the MultiAccount Ban.
  • Flood prohibited (10 Messages in 3 Seconds)
    Self-writing (more than 5) is prohibited.

How is it working. ?

Login to the site without a password with the button below. ( for the first login. ) The place where you will register is within the site with the command. This is how we will Verify that you are not a bot.



How You Will Win. ?

Earn Points just by Chatting When you earn 10,000 Points, you will have the right to Withdraw. You can see the points you have earned with the ” !PUAN ” command. Our bot will answer you in Turkish. You will understand the numerical equivalent of your points.

To withdraw, send a private message to Faucet nick “I want to withdraw LTC. You must specify your Faucetpay LTC address or e-mail address.” Your LTC balance will be sent to your account within 24 hours.
The Value of 10,000 Points is fixed at 5000 LTC. Dollar or currency fluctuations do not affect your earning points.

Important note.
We will accept 500 People in the LTC win system.
According to the progress, we can limit this number to 1000 or 1500 people.



To save Nick when you are connected to the chat
/ns register password and e-mail address.
Example usage: /ns register 1234

No Payment will be made to people who have not registered a Nick.


Score Inquiry command:  Type the !points command in the #Sohbet Channel. You will receive a message similar to this in reply. ” Tebrikler Konuşma puanınız 5000 ” This mean Your current score is 5000. You base the numbers here because the answer given will be in Turkish.